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Need A Break From The Ski World? Check Out These Events In Whistler!

February 8, 2018

Whistler, BC, is the perfect quintessential ski vacation. It’s a popular winter holiday destination for anyone who loves to hit the slopes and immerse themselves in the ski world. But Whistler is not only about skiing; there are so many things to see and do if you need a break from the ski world. Whether you are looking for a low impact adventure to rest your tired muscles, or want to enjoy the stunning scenery, check out our list of the top can’t-miss events hitting Whistler this season.

1. Ice Kingdom

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The master of snow and ice, David Xu Riu, and his talented team of sculptors have worked hard to create these frozen marvels. The whole family will appreciate the artistry and immensity of their snow sculptures, the hands-on snow maze, and ice slide for children. An abundance of snacks and beverages are available, including a bar at the Whistler Golf Club. This sensational experience is open throughout February and March, so there’s plenty of time for a repeat visit at night for an unforgettable illuminated spectacle that breaks apart from the traditional ski world.

2. Peak 2 Peak Sightseeing Experience
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The world’s longest continuous lift system between the magnificent Whistler and Blackcomb mountains offers an unparalleled sightseeing experience. Do not forget to bring your camera for 360˚ views that are the perfect location for that Reading Break Instagram shot. Travel in style to a range of bars, restaurants and hiking trails, as well as the Samsung Alpine Theatre which continuously shows inspiring alpine videos, there is certainly no better way to travel.

3. Hydrotherapy at the Scandinave Spa

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Whistler has so many luxurious spas available, but the outdoor hydrotherapy pools over at the Scandinave Spa are in a league of their own. Rest and recuperate those tired muscles in these amazing outdoor baths. Nestled on the edge of the forest, this is the perfect way to spend a few hours in complete bliss amidst the breath-taking landscape that is on offer in Whistler.

4. Coca-Cola Tube Park

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The Coca-Cola tube park is a fun-filled activity with varying degrees of intensity and steepness. Anyone can get involved since there is no skill or equipment required, and there are even ‘kids-only’ tubes for the little ones. If you are feeling peckish, there are lots of hot snacks and beverages available for purchase as well as heated washroom facilities. If you fancy an evening tubing experience, the place is fully lit for night tubing, and a sound system fills the park with family-friendly music.

5. Blackcomb Snowmobile Tours

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Whether you are looking for a gentle family-friendly ride through the forests of Whistler, a particularly scenic view, or something a little bit more extreme and adrenaline-inducing, Blackcomb Snowmobile Tours have something for you. If you are looking for something extra-special, they also have private tours available. Snowmobiling through the snow-covered trees is an experience that no one will forget.